If you have already read about how I got started you already know that Keira was my first female. She was very special to me. She was not the prettiest schnauzer in the world but she had gorgeous babies. They had personalities that people fell in love with. It didn't take long for people to figure this out, so I usually had a waiting list on her puppies. In July of 2005 Keira went missing. She was bred and close to having puppies. We felt like someone had taken her for the puppies, because Keira would have never left on her own. We searched and search for her but with no luck. For a year and a half she was gone, and I wondered what happened to her and her puppies. Then in December of 2006 at a church function I finally had closure. My 6 year olds’ Sunday school teacher Debbie came up to me and asked if I raised schnauzers. I said yes and she began telling me how they had found a schnauzer in November of 2005. (that was 4 months after she went missing) Debbie said that Keira was such a great dog that they wanted another one just like her. Little did they know, they had my dog all along. Yes that's right they had my dog. It was a happy yet sad time for me. I had finally found my dog, but I was faced with a decision; should I take this dog that I loved so dearly away from good people that loved her as much as I did? Not knowing what to do I went to their house the next morning to see her. Keira now had a new name, Happy, and a new family that she loved. It was a hard decision but I chose to leave her there. I cried all the way home. I was, however, able to show Debbie a trick that I had taught Keira. (jumping through a hoop) Debbie wound up buying not 1 but 2 of Lana's babies.(Lana is out of Keira) Debbie entered Keira in a local dog function here, A Bark in the Park. Not only did she win the trick event but she was crowned queen Bark of the Park. She will always have a special place in my heart, and she will always be my queen.