In 2002, I found myself dog-less. For the first time in my life, I did not have a dog. I was unsure of what breed I wanted. Until one night at a community function, I met my first schnauzer. Her name was Mariah and belonged to a family we went to church with. Throughout the night, I kept watching and playing with that dog. When I got home my search began to find that perfect Schnauzer. I found my little man Gordon when he was only two weeks old, but I knew he was the right one. He was a beautiful salt and pepper boy that stole my heart. Over the next few weeks, I visited Gordon until he was old enough to come home. In the mean time, I ran across an ad with Schnauzer puppies right here in Thomasville, Georgia. I wanted to go look just to compare that litter to the other puppy I was getting. My husband told me it was a bad idea. Well, I came home with my bad idea and named her Kiera. (Please read my story on Keira) She was the first female dog I had ever owned. The intentions of breeding never crossed my mind. A while later, My son was in the Air force and was graduating basic training in San Antonio, Texas and while we were there Keira came into heat and bred. I was so upset for this was her first heat cycle. After talking to my vet, he assured me that everything would be okay. Well, when that litter of puppies came, I was hooked. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do. I had been in and out of college. Undecided on what I wanted to do. I was leaning toward nursing, but I had a young baby and the thought of leaving her for a full time job was not what I wanted to do. So my journey began. I started looking for a couple of females. Having several Schnauzers now, I taught myself to groom. Using the internet and attending the Atlanta pet fair yearly and getting help from some of the best groomers throughout the country. I now have a full time grooming business. Grooming all breeds. Even after learning to groom, I still attend the pet fair every year. I always leave there having learned something. Whether a shortcut that can save me time on grooming, seeing and purchasing a new and improved grooming tool, or the best shampoos on the market. I also have a full time boarding facility. Someone once said that I have a 5 star facility. This is not necessarily the case, but I do give 5 star care.

Throughout the years I have had and produced some very nice puppies. I have had many repeat buyers. Over the last couple of years, I have become a little more serious with my breeding program. Searching for some of the Champion lines. I bought my first show quality stud from Mountain High Schnauzers in California. His name is Mountain High's Maken my Mark. (Marco) Clueless on how to hand strip for the show ring, or even how to get a dog ready for a show, my learning adventure began again. I contacted Kurt Garmaker of Repetition Schnauzers, a breeder of a long line Champion and Grand Champion Miniature Schnauzers. Kurt had stripped Marco for me the first time allowing me to watch and learn. I took the information from Kurt and decided that I could do this. I entered Marco into his forst show. He won several ribbons, but that was it. By his next show, both of us were ready. We got a major winHe won Best of Winners. I was beyond excited. Unfortunately, I started having problems with my wrist and hand and hand stripping seemed to aggravate it. My showing Marco came to a halt.

I have just bought my first two imported Champion Bred Miniature Schnauzers from Dog-Otho's, a world wind Champion breeder in Argentina. One male and one Female. Both are Black and Silver, They both have some great Champion lines. Repetition Schnauzers being one of them. I do have plans of entering the show ring again, so who knows what the future will bring. One thing is for sure, I will strive to continue to produce a very high quality puppy that I can and will be proud of.